Where to Buy Ledger Nano: Very Important Question

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I have launched this blog with a vision to help new cryptocurrency investors choose best cryptocurrency platforms and store their coins safely. I always try to answer all the queries of my readers. Now latest question is, "Where to buy Ledger Nano?" So today I will explain why should you always buy your hardware wallet from official website of the concerned wallet manufacturer.

Before jumping in, I would like to make it clear that I am not against third-party hardware wallet sellers. All I am explaining here is from user point of view.

First comes first, let me applaud for you that you are not a cryptocurrency beginners now. In my opinion, when a cryptocurrency investors starts thinking about safety of his coins and got to know that hardware wallet is a best option to store Bitcoins and altcoins, he is no more beginner.

If you already have researched about best hardware wallets and now choose Ledger Nano S Plus or X to store your coins then for your information you have made a right decision. Ledger Nano wallets are considered one of the best hardware wallets out there.

Now if you're skeptical from where to buy Ledger Nano then read on I have a very straight forward answer for you.

Where to Buy Ledger Nano?

Always buy Ledger Nano hardware wallet from official Ledger website. Here, I am providing official Ledger website link for you. You can visit official Ledger Nano website by clicking on the following link.

Visit Official Ledger Website


Because you guaranteed get an authentic device. Your Ledger hardware wallet is directly sent from official Ledger warehouse (I assume) and chances of any tempering are almost nil.

It is just an extra assurance that your device is safe to store your coins.

Here, it is very important to mention that nowadays it is next to impossible to temper Ledger devices. The company behind has taken its security to next level. When you connect your Ledger wallet to you Ledger Live for first time, your device needs to pass authenticity attestation. It is basically a cryptographic challenge that only authentic hardware wallets with genuine firmware pass.

So, if you are getting decent discount on your hardware wallet then you can also think of buying it from third-party genuine sellers.

But my friend, if you are like me how never lets a stone unturned before taking a decision then best option for you is to buy Ledger Nano hardware wallet from official Ledger website.

This way you will never need to think that whether your device is genuine or not.

Yes, by ordering Ledger wallet directly from official website, you would need to pay custom duty charges, if applicable, but in my opinion it is worth paying few more bucks when it comes to security of your hard-earned money.

Earlier, Ledger used to charge shipping charges extra but now it's offering free shipping across the globe. I still remember back in 2018, I paid shipping charges almost equal to the hardware wallet price at the time of buying Ledger Nano S.

If you are confused between Ledger Nano S Plus and X then simply answer is choose Nano S if you only need to cold store your coins. If you need to store more than 10 coins and you will be using your hardware wallet on daily basis then Ledger Nano X would be good option for you.

Disclaimer: I have been asked, "Where to buy Ledger Nano?" and I answered accordingly and it is my personal opinion that we should buy it from official website. I never said third-party sellers are not good.