How to Reset Forgot Ledger Live Password?

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Ledger Live is an official Ledger Hardware wallet app which lets you access your wallet, update firmware version of your device and helps in receiving and sending coins. If you have set Ledger Live password and now you have forgot the same then in this post I will help you regain access to your app again.

In Ledger Live app's settings section, users can set password for their app so no one can see their portfolio without their permission. But Ledger developer team has not provided any way to reset forgot Ledger Live password option.

As of now, there is no way to reset Ledger Live app password other than resetting Ledger Live app. By doing so, all the settings and associated wallets apps will be erased from your device and from the beginning you will be required to set up Ledger official app.

It is important to mention that if you would reset your Ledger Live app then your funds or coins will remain intact because they are not associated to the app instead they are stored in your hardware wallet.

Ledger Live app only shows public data available on the internet and respective coin's blockchain, it does not carry any sensitive information which can cause coins lose. Perhaps this is the reason Ledger team has not provided password reset option in Ledger Live app.

After resetting you Ledger Live app, which only takes 1 minute, you can again synchronize your wallets with it using your Ledger Hardware wallet and start using your app again.

So in the next steps, I am going to show you one and only way available to reset Ledger Live password.

Reset Ledger Live password


  • If you will reset the app, your funds will remain safe because they are not stored in the app, they belong to your hardware wallet.
  • It safe to reset Ledger Live app, you don't need to worry because app only carries public data pertaining to your coins.
  • If your Ledger Live password is not working then following is the only way to regain access to your app and see your fund balance.

Here are the steps to reset forgot Ledger Live password:

  • Open Ledger Live app.
  • Click on 'I Lost My Password'.
  • Next click on Reset button to reset Ledger Live desktop app.
  • Then again set up Ledger official app and synchronize your wallets to it so you can again start using the app. After setting up your crypto hardware wallet, make sure to set a new Ledger Live app password and this time remember it.