How to Reset Forgot Trezor PIN and Recover Trezor Wallet

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Today I'm going to show you how to reset Trezor forgot PIN. If you have forgot your Trezor hardware wallet PIN then here I will show you how you can reset it.

So let's get started!

Before that let me clear if you have forgot Trezor PIN then there is only one way to reset it. That is wiping out everything from hardware wallet which means wiping out your recovery phrase too.

For the safety of your cryptocurrency investment, you have to factory reset Trezor hardware wallet before you can change your forgot PIN. Therefore, you must have your private key handy.

Disclaimer here if you are going to follow the next instructions then go and check whether you have Trezor walle private key or not.

Just in case, you have do not have access to your 24 words recovery seed then don't follow the instructions given in this video and never ever dare to reset Trezor wallet.

If you will erase everything from your device and you don't have your private key then for your knowledge there will be no other way to regain access to your wallet. It simply means you will lose everything.

Those of you who have Trezor recovery seed can follow me along and I will show you how you can reset Trezor forgot PIN.

As I mentioned after resetting and wiping out everything from your hardware wallet, you can reset your PIN.

And then you will be required to enter your recovery phase again to regain access to your wallets.

Let me show you how you can reset Trezor wallet PIN.

Reset Trezor forgot PIN process involves 3 steps; which are:

  • Factory reset Trezor hardware wallet
  • Recover Trezor wallet
  • Set a New

How to Factory Reset Trezor Wallet?

reset forgot trezor pin

First of all, you will be required to install Trezor Suite app onto your computer machine. Click to download official Trezor Suite app.

Once app is installed, open it.

Now we need to connect our Trezor wallet to our computer and before connecting, we need to press both buttons. We need to press the buttons simultaneously. Keep the buttons pressed and connect it to computer.

Then you will be able to see some options for instance Bootloader by mistake or Reset device or Update Firmware. Once you get those options release the buttons.

Click on Settings gear icon.

Next you can see Factory Reset option. Simply click on Factory Reset to reset Trezor wallet.

A warning message will appear on your computer screen containing important information that you must be aware of before you reset Trezor hardware wallet.

Again for your benefit, I am mentioning if you don't have your recovery phase please please don't reset your hardware wallet otherwise you will lose entire funds that you have in your hardware wallet.

Hit Confirm button and then click on Factory Reset. Confirm the same on your Trezor hardware wallet by pressing the appropriate button. After that everything will be wiped out from your device.

Once you see "Device successfully wiped out you may now unplug your Trezor wallet" disconnect the device from your computer to reboot it.

How to Recover Trezor Wallet?

Close Trezor Suite app too and reopen it.Thereafter, again connect Trezor wallet to your computer.

On the hardware wallet screen, you will be able to read, "Welcome please visit treasure.oi/start". You don't need to go to specified URL address because now Trezor wallet has its own official Trezor Suite app. Now after opening the app, click on Setup Trezor.

I got firmware update option so I updated the same. If you see similar message then you can to follow the steps. Or you will see directly second option. Once new firmware is installed, you will be redirected to second option. During the update process, don't press any button or disconnect the device.

Meanwhile grab your private key. We need to feed it again to recover Trezor wallet assets.

After the firmware update, you will be asked to disconnect and reconnect your device. Do that. Then click on Continue.

On the next screen, we have option to create a new wallet or restore existing wallet. I am going to show you how you can restore your recovery phrase and regain access to your wallets. To recover Trezor wallet, just click on Recover Wallet.

Select what number of words your recovery phrase has; for example my recovery phrase has 24 words therefore I clicked on 24 words.

reset forgot trezor wallet pin

Then from the two options: Standard Recovery and Advanced Recovery, select Standard Recovery.

On Trezor wallet screen, press confirm button.

See your Trezor wallet screen, you will be asked to enter a number using your computer screen. For example, I was asked to enter 5th word from my recovery seed so I entered. After that next number will appear on your hardware screen and you need to type the word using your computer keyboard. Repeat it till you enter all the 24 words.

Once you will verify your recovery seed, you will see a message saying, "Recovery completed." That is it. You have successfully recovered Trezor wallet. Jump to next step and reset Trezor forgot PIN.

How to Reset Trezor Forgot PIN?

Click on Continue and next you will be asked to set a new pin for Trezor wallet.

Using your computer screen and keypad showing on your Trezor wallet, set a new Trezor PIN.

In the next step, confirm the same and that is it you have successfully reset forgot Trezor PIN.

I hope this would have helped you. For further help, you are welcome to ask in the comment box.