BC Vault Gunmetal Review: Get Real 1 Bitcoin Preloaded in This Cold Wallet

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Today we going to review customized BC Vault Gunmetal hardware wallet. This is one of the expensive hardware wallets I am going to review. I will try my level best to show you all the pros and cons of this hardware wallet so you can easily decide whether you should buy BC Vault hardware wallet or go for other options like Trezor, Ledger Nano X. So let's get started!

Before we jump in, take a look on following logo engraved on BC Vault Gunmetal hardware wallet, look how beautiful it is looking, isn't it?

It is a customized hardware wallet and on the front side you can also find our channels logo. I really liked this hardware wallet because of customization option which is a great. You can engrave any name, any logo, or your favorite line on this hardware wallet and it will look so much beautiful.

Let's seriously talk about BC Vault Gunmetal hardware wallet and let me show you whether you should buy this hardware wallet or not.

BC Vault Gunmetal Review

BC Vault Gunmetal Review

BC Vault Gunmetal ratings:

Design: 4.5/5.0
Ease of use: 4.0/5.0
Coins supported: 4.0/5.0
Price: 4.0/5.0
Overall Rating: 4.2/5.0


  • Customization option
  • Multi-user hardware wallet
  • Metallic body
  • Unlike other hardware wallets, it generates separate private key for installed wallets
  • Large 2.42 inches display. 85 grams weight
  • Very Secure, no serial number therefore even company cannot know which device you are using
  • More 2000 supported coins and best part is all are accessible from their official app
  • Preloaded with 1 locked BTC, unlock and it is yours as bounty for cracking their algorithm
  • Install up to 2000 wallets at a time
  • Non-deterministic wallet because of its unique and safe recovery seed generation method
  • Can be used as Google security key


  • Expensive, it would cost you around $345 or ₹26000 excluding custom charges
  • Recovery backup needs to refresh every time you install a new wallet
  • No wireless connectivity
  • Mobile application is yet to come

Box Content

In the box, you will have; The BC Vault Gunmetal hardware crypto vault, sticker, USB C cable, User manual, 1 GB microSD card.

From device to cable quality is super premium.

BC Vault Gunmetal Price

First of all, starting from the price tag to acquire this device, you will be required to pay €327.05 Euros and in USD it would be around $3550 dollars and in Indian rupees, it would be around ₹26000.

It is a huge cost as compared to other hardware wallets but personally what I found the price tag of this hardware wallet is not that expensive because as it is a multi-user hardware wallet which means at the same time multiple users can use this hardware wallet.

For example, your family members or friends can also use this hardware wallet. They can generate separate private keys and they can use this hardware wallet. At a time 2000 different people or wallet holders can use this hardware wallet.

Considering that the price is somewhat reasonable.

Don't forget to claim discount while buying the device, find the BC Vault promo codes at the end.

Design and Features

If I talk about its physical appearance and features so its OLED display size is 2.42 inches which is a great thing. Screen is really very large and because of this large screen, you will be able to see all the details for example if you are going to send or receive funds then you will be easily able to read all the details.

With device dimensions 100mm x 57mm x 10mm, weight of the device is 85grams.

Alongside display, you have a directional keypad and in the center you also have a button. Directional keypad will be used for navigation purpose and center button will be used for selections and making confirmations.

It lacks battery which means you have only type-C connector as only connectivity option.

Company added a tempered proof seal to make sure you receive a secure device. Make sure when you buy BC Vault Gunmetal hardware wallet, this seals are not tempered. Don't accept the device and contact the company, just in case.

Its body is metallic, made of aluminum. Metallic body's quality is very good and the overall quality and feel of the device is very premium after after all you are spending too much money on this hardware wallet and premium feeling should be there.

It weighs 85grams which makes it little heavier; just because its body is metallic.

Multi-user Hardware Wallet

Another feature of this hardware wallet is, as I already talked about, that it is a multi-user hardware wallet. It can be used by multiple users. For example your family members or friends can also use this hardware wallet and your own private keys will be protected separately with password in secure isolated space.

Connectivity & Compatibility

It lacks wireless connectivity so wired connectivity is the only option. It has type-C connector.

The device has native application for Win, OS X, Linux operating systems. But mobile application is not there for mobile connectivity.

BC Vault Gunmetal Storage Capacity

BC Vault Gunmetal can store up to 2000 coins at a time.

Its storage capacity is way more than best hardware wallets available out there.

Not limited to this, BC Vault can also generate 2000 different wallets at the same time.

BC Vault Supported Coins

BC Vault Gunmetal supports more than 2000 coins including ERC20 and Cardano tokens.

Do you know what is the best part?

All the BC Vault supported coins are directly accessible from their official.

In other hardware wallets for example in Ledger, Trezor, to access some supported coins, you would need to install third-party apps. But, not in the case of this hardware wallet, here all the supported coins will be directly accessible from their official app.

I really appreciate this thing because it is a very hectic process to send or receive some coins if not accessible from native app. And also, it gives a sense of insecurity, when we need to install a third party app to store coins.

See full list of supported coins here.

Use it as Your Security Key

Also, BC Vault Gunmetal hardware wallet can be used as a security key.

In my recent video, I showed you how you can use your Trezor One as Google security key and same feature is available in this hardware wallet too.

You can use this hardware wallet as your security key, apart from using it as your hardware wallet to store cryptocurrencies. You can also use this device as a security key to securely login into different accounts.

For instance, if you would like to add an extra layer of security to your Google account then you can use it as your Google security key which is a great thing.

It is a UTF two-factor authentication enabled device and you can use it as your security key, apart from using as a hardware wallet.

For your information to acquire a physical two-factor authentication key, you would be required to pay approximately $100 dollars but if you would own this hardware wallet, you wouldn't need to buy a separate key. You can simply use your hardware wallet as your security key.

Customization Option

The best part of this hardware wallet is customization option. As of now, all the hardware wallets are not offering customization option but on BC Vault Gunmetal, I have my logo on this hardware wallet and it looks very beautiful.

You can also customize your hardware wallet. You can engrave any name, logo or line on your hardware wallet and it will look great.

You must avail this option, if you are going to buy BC Vault Gunmetal hardware wallet.

Is BC Vault Secure?

Now let's come to the most important part because of which we buy a hardware wallet. We can ignore all the other things but cannot afford to ignore security of a hardware wallet.

Security is paramount when it comes to hardware wallet, all other things are secondary. After all, this is the main reason we spend money on hardware wallets.

Otherwise, why would we are investing in a hardware wallet?

Real Security is the company behind the wallet who has 20 plus years experience of IT security solutions.

They use FRAM which is called Ferromagnetic Random Access Memory to retain data retention. After disconnecting to the power, it can retain data for two hundred years. At 35 degrees Celsius temperature, it retains data for a longer time, for 200 years.

Unique Backup Recovery Seed Generation Method

BC Vault Gunmetal has a micro SD card slot for recovery seed backup and you will get a free 1GB SD card with this hardware wallet to store backup.

So starting from the recovery phrase, they use unique way to generate private key.

For your information, in BC Vault, you do not need to jot down 24 words recovery phase instead you save your backups in memory card.

Unlike other hardware wallets where you generate 24 words recovery phrase and then you write it down, BC Vault hardware wallet uses a different method for backing up. You can save backup in an SD card and you can create as many as backups you would like to.

Furthermore, you can give those backups to some of your trustworthy people and they can keep it safe for you.

For your information, they cannot misuse it because your backup will be protected by a password and you will only know that.

BC Vault hardware wallet has a built-in gyroscopic sensor. At the time of setting up this device, you will be required to shake this hardware wallet in different patterns and they will note your shaking pattern and generate a unique private key for your hardware wallet.

After generating the private key, you can can store that backup in your SD card and as I told you you can create multiple backups.

One Bitcoin Preloaded

The most important part of BC Vault hardware wallet, I would like to tell you that it has one BTC preloaded.

Yes, you read it right!

It has one Bitcoin preloaded.

If you could crack their algorithm that BTC will be yours.

Yes, again, you read it right!

All you need to do is just successfully crack their code and that Bitcoin would be yours. That is a bounty program, they have launched.

This shows how much they are sure that their hardware wallets are so much secure.

When you will login to your app dashboard using your device, you will find one BTC showing as a balance but that BC coin would be locked. If you will be able to unlock that Bitcoin then that would be yours as a reward.

For your information, through their app, they do not track. Their servers also do not store your sensitive information (also hardware wallets do share sensitive information by default) in any manner except public information will be shared to send and receive coins and to see wallet balances.

Likes other hardware wallets like Trezor and Ledger and BC Vault Gunmetal hardware wallet too, stores your private keys in an isolated space which means your private keys remain offline even if this hardware wallet is connected to the internet.

Your private keys will be in secure space and will offline all the time whether you are transferring your funds or receiving the same, private keys will remain offline.

Non-deterministic Hardware Wallet

It is a non-deterministic hardware wallet because of the shaking pattern it uses for generating keys. As I told you all human beings shake in different manners so they use that approach to generate your private keys.

Which is why it is not possible to determine what private key you have generated because your shaking pattern would be different from others.

Multi-layer Passwords

It will have four layers of passwords. For example, first password would be your login password that will be your global password. After that you will use a pin to login.

After entering your main security password, you will be required to enter pin that will be your second factor authentication.

Third and fourth layers of passwords are optional and I would only suggest you use if you are an advanced user.

I would like to tell you that you can generate a separate password for all the installed wallets. All the coins for example BTC, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and whatever you are storing, you can generate separate passwords and PIN for all those coins.

That feature is an optional feature but you can use if you would like to. By doing so, you would be adding an extra layer of security to your wallets.

For instance, let's suppose you have a traditional hardware wallet and you have just generated 24 words recovery seed. And let's suppose someone got access to that recovery phrase. Now to move your coins, all that person has to do is just need to restore your private key. After restoring your private key, he will be able to access all the coins and he will be able to move those coins.

But not in the case of BC Vault Gunmetal if you would set different passwords for all the coins then even after getting access to that backup and after even getting your security password and if that person is able to get access to your coins, still he would not be able to move your coins because you have set different passwords for all the coin.

To move the coins, he will also need to enter those passwords. As I mentioned, that is an advanced feature. I would not suggest you use that feature if you are a basic user because by doing so you will need to remember many passwords.

If there is scope that you can forget those passwords then I would suggest you do not use that feature.

Immune from Remote Attacks

Like other hardware wallets, in BC Vault Gunmetal, remote attacks are not possible.

As you might already know that to move funds from a hardware wallet, you will be required to press physical buttons.

Whether it is Trezor Model T, Ledger Nano X or BC vault to move your funds, you have to authenticate the transactions by pressing these physical buttons provided on the hardware wallet. Without having physical access to a hardware wallet, coins cannot be moved.

Only Buy Authentic Wallet

Most important thing I would like to tell you, never buy your hardware wallet from third-party vendors or providers.

I always suggest you, even the company says, buy your hardware wallet directly from the official website. By doing so, you can rest assured that you have bought an authentic hardware wallet.

I have provided the official website link below. You must buy your hardware wallet directly from the BC wallet official website.

No Serial Number

BC Vault hardware wallets do not have serial numbers. All the hardware wallets of the company, do not have serial numbers.

After dispatching the hardware wallet even the company would not be able to know which hardware wallet they delivered to you; because they do not have serial numbers.


First drawback of this hardware wallet is that it is an expensive hardware wallet.

It takes huge time and effort and finance to create such a hardware wallet which has one preloaded BTC. As I told you it is a multi-user hardware wallet so if you could share this hardware wallet with your friends and family members then this hardware wallet would be affordable.

Yes, it is an expensive hardware wallet but when you will see how much they are spending in research and development then you would realize that hardware wallet is justifying its cost to some extent.

But, in other case, if you can afford this hardware I would certainly recommend this hardware wallet to you.

Yes, there is some scope of reducing its cost. I would request the company that lower-down its price to some extent. Then, BC Vault Gunmetal would be a value for money product, as of now, it is little bit expensive, not that much.

By generating different passwords for different wallets, you would end up remembering so many passwords but as this drawback can be ignored because this is an optional feature.

You are not forced to set passwords for different coins. I would like to highlight that because by doing so you would end up remembering so many passwords. So make sure you have the capability to remember those passwords. If you would forget any password then there would be no other way to recover that password. You would loss concerned wallet's coins forever.

Make sure if you are going to set different passwords for all the different wallets, you remember all the passwords.

I found is their operating system is not open source. Their operating system is isolated. I don't know from the very beginning, since I came into the crypto world, I always prefer open-source operating systems in all hardware wallets; be it Trezor, Ledger., name a few.

But BC Vault and SecuX chose private OS. I don't know the exact reasons but what the company says is that by doing so they are making sure geeks (ill-minded one) face so much difficulties to crack their code.

They think that in open-source operating system, it is very easy to crack codes because all the software codes are available on the interne. All they need to do is find the vulnerabilities.

But in case of isolated OS enabled hardware wallets, first of they would need to get access to the code and then they would be able to crack the code. So this is their justification for private OS.

By the way, it sounds reasonable to me, just like iOS operating system.

One major drawback of BC Vault Gunmetal hardware wallet is that let's suppose you have generated a private key and after that you stored BTC, Ethereum, Litecoin and other the coins and saved back up in SD card.

And after a month or two, you are going to store Dogecoin in your hardware wallet. In that case, you will be required to refresh your backup. You would need to insert your SD card again and you will need to refresh the backup because you have installed a new wallet and that new wallet would be need to backed up again.

Same notification you would find on the desktop application also but this is a drawback. Every time you would install a new wallet, you will be required to refresh your backup.

If you have created multiple backups then all those backups will be required to updated. I think company should work on this issue.

Device does not have battery which means wireless connectivity is not available in the device.

This is all from my side! I hope this BC Vault Gunmetal review would have helped.

Sum up

At pen-off if you would ask me whether you should buy this hardware wallet or not? Then I would certainly recommend this hardware wallet to you, if you can afford it.

Yes, it is expensive but the features it offers and the customization option, metallic body, quality of the material, 2.42 inches screen, all these things are good in this BC Vault hardware wallet.

Otherwise, you can think of its cheaper version BC Vault One Basic. That hardware wallet has similar features except metallic body and customization option. If you have affordability issue then you can buy their model One.

If you would like to buy this hardware wallet then you can find the official website link below, as I told you, make sure you buy hardware wallet directly from official BC Vault website.

This is the most crucial step first step which you have to take when you are going to acquire a cryptocurrency wallet.

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