Ledger Forget PIN: Know How to Reset Ledger Nano PIN

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So you forgot Ledger PIN code? And don't know how to regain access to your Ledger Nano S Plus or X? Then, today, I'll take you through the steps you need to take to reset Ledger Nano hardware wallet.

You can easily reset Ledger forgot password by following the instructions given in this tutorial and regain access to your cryptocurrencies.

If you own any Ledger hardware wallet say Ledger Nano X, S or S Plus then you can read this post. Before you jump straight in, read following frequently asked questions section pertaining to Ledger forgot PIN carefully. Otherwise, you may end up losing your cryptocurrencies; therefore, don't skip it.

Note: Most of the time I will use Ledger Nano X as reference but as mentioned above this post is not limited to model X, same instructions can be followed to reset any Ledger Nano hardware wallet PIN code.

Ledger Forget PIN Know How to Reset Ledger Nano PIN

Sneak peak:

  • Reset Ledger Nano forgot PIN
  • Change existing PIN code for security reasons - For that purpose, you don't need to reset your Ledger wallet
  • What to do if lost recovery phrase
  • Restore Ledger wallet apps; if you lost your device
  • Ledger forgot PIN FAQs - Very important don't skip

Who can follow the instructions given below?

  • One who wants to reset Ledger PIN code.
  • One who forgot Ledger PIN code.
  • One who wants to install a new wallet with a brand new recovery seed on his/her Ledger Nano wallet.

Warning: These instructions are for advanced users. If you don't know what are you doing then seek help from a friend who has appropriate knowledge.

How to reset Ledger forgot PIN

Watch the above embedded video to know how to change as well as reset your hardware wallet PIN. Or if you prefer written instructions then read on. Note: In the video, I used Ledger Nano X but, as discussed above, the process is same for Nano S Plus or other. There is no difference.

Warning: By resetting Ledger wallet, all data and coins will be erased from your device and to restore everything back, you'll need your recovery seed. Therefore, make sure you've recovery phrase handy. If you don't have your 24 words backup seed then don't reset Ledger wallet. I have mentioned it in FAQ section below but it's very important therefore I'll be mentioning it again and again so you don't lose your investment.

For your help, I've divided reset Ledger Nano forgot pin process in three parts, which are:

  1. First, we'll wipe out our Ledger wallet to reset its PIN code: As of now, there is no other way. If you would like to reset forgot PIN then you will need to hard reset Ledger wallet first.
  2. Then, we'll set a new PIN for our Ledger hardware wallet.
  3. Finally, we'll restore Ledger Nano using the recovery seed.

Let's put it into life.

1. Factory Reset Ledger Nano Hardware Wallet

First of all, connect your Ledger Nano S Plus or X to your computer or laptop.

reset ledger nano wallet

Enter a wrong PIN code by entering any random number say 12341234. Yes, you read right it 'wrong PIN'.

After entering the incorrect Ledger PIN code, screen will show you '2 attempts remaining'.

Simply, press both buttons together and enter incorrect PIN code again.

Again, press both buttons and enter a wrong PIN code for the last time to factory reset Ledger Nano wallet.

Forget Ledger Nano PIN

That's it. You can read on your device's screen that 'Your device has been reset (3 wrong PIN).'

Now, disconnect it and then reconnect to your computer again. Follow the next steps to restore your assets and set a new Ledger Nano PIN.

2. Reset Ledger Nano Forgot PIN

After reconnecting it to you computer, you can see the welcome screen, simply press both buttons to proceed to next step.

In the next step, you will see two options. Just press left button to restore an existing wallet or if you want to setup a new wallet then you can press right button. Here, we're resetting Ledge Nano X forgot PIN so you're supposed to choose 'Restore an existing wallet'.

Next, you'll be asked to set a PIN code for Ledger Nano, simply enter a new PIN code for your wallet. Press both buttons together to jump to next step.

Enter your PIN code again and press both buttons.

That's it. You've successfully reset your Ledger forgot PIN.

Press both buttons to enter your recovery phrase. Follow the next steps to restore your cryptocurrencies.

3. Restore Ledger Nano

Next, select number of words according to your backup seed. Usually, a recovery seed contains 24 words but if yours has less number of words then you can select accordingly. Simply, press both buttons to proceed.

restore ledger nano

Use left and right buttons to select number of words. In the above screenshot, I've selected 24 words because my recovery phrase has 24 words. To confirm selection, press both buttons.

In the next step, you will be asked to enter first word of your recovery phrase. Press both buttons and then use left and right buttons to enter letters.

After entering the first letter, you've to press both buttons to enter second letter and so on. After entering the first 2-3 letters, you can see word suggestions to select your word. 

Note: If you enter a wrong word then simply select close word from word suggestions to reenter the word.

Once you enter all the words, press both buttons to restore Ledger Nano hardware wallet.

Congratulations! You've successfully reset your Ledger Nano X forgot PIN code. I also suggest you keep to Ledger firmware and MCU version up-to-date for batter security.

You can also watch following video. Video language is Hindi. Don't understand Hindi? Sorry for that, I'm working on it. Soon, I'll provide you English video tutorial. But still you can follow video instructions.

Change existing PIN code for security reasons

Those who know their existing Ledger PIN but want to change it due to security reasons can follow the below instructions to change Ledger Nano PIN.

  • Connect your wallet to computer or laptop to turn it on, then head to Settings > Security > Change PIN.
  • Enter a new PIN code for your wallet
  • Confirm the same by entering it to next field
  • Enter your old Ledger PIN to validate the change

What to do if lost recovery phrase?

A very serious issue!

Your recovery seed is a backup for your wallets, you use it to restore your wallets. Whosoever has access to your back up seed has access to your cryptocurrencies. For safeguard your coins, follow the steps given below:

  • If you've lost your recovery seed, you're supposed to immediately move your cryptographic assets to somewhere else, like exchange or another hardware wallet.
  • And reset your Ledger Nano by entering three wrong PIN codes; follow the above reset instructions.
  • After resetting your device, don't choose 'Set up a new wallet' (don't use existing seed to restore wallets) and set up your device as a new.
  • Now, you have a new Ledger wallet with a new recovery seed, your new backup seed is safe and only you know it. This time put it somewhere safe.
  • Transfer back your coins to your Ledger Nano X, S, or Blue.

Restore Ledger wallet apps; if you lost your device

In case of theft or destruction, you can restore your recovery phrase by buying a new Ledger Nano hardware wallet, Ledger Nano X - next generation hardware wallet is recommended, or on a software wallet (if you cannot afford new cryptocurrency hardware wallet).

If you're going to restore your coins on a new hardware wallet then at the time of setting up choose 'Restore an existing wallet' and enter your existing recovery phrase to restore your wallets.

Read reset forgot Ledger Nano PIN section's step 2 and 3 for more help.

Ledger Forgot Password FAQs

How to reset Ledger Nano PIN?

As of now, for security reasons, you cannot reset PIN (but you can change it if you remember your old PIN, for that purpose read above section) of your Ledger wallet from settings menu, in simple words, it doesn't have that option. One and the only way to reset forgot Ledger Nano PIN code is that you'll have to factory reset Ledger Nano; which means your device will be reset to its factory conditions and your recovery seed will be erased.

As mentioned earlier, if you've forgot Ledger PIN then the only way is reset your cryptocurrency hardware wallet and set it up from scratch.

Will I lose my coins if I reset my Ledger device?

After resetting Ledger wallet, you can restore your wallets by using your 24 words (in most cases) recovery phrase. 

Hey don't worry, if you're skeptical that what would happen to your coins then for your information all your cryptographic assets will remain be intact. But make sure you have your recovery seed handy.

Warning: Never ever dare to restore your Ledger Nano if you don't have recovery phrase. Otherwise, you'll end up losing everything and there will be no way to recover your coins again. You have to use 24 words backup phrase to restore Ledger hardware wallet.

What are prerequisites to reset Ledger forgot PIN?

One and the only prerequisite to reset forgot Ledger Nano PIN is you should have your 12 or 24 words recovery seed. If you've that then you're good to go. Otherwise, refrain from resetting your hardware wallet.