Best Google Security Key and a Hardware Wallet as Well

Looking for best security key to securely login to your accounts? What if I suggest you an alternative to security key which can help you store Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and at the same time serves as Google security key purpose? Sounds good? Then stick to me, I am going to talk about Trezor hardware wallet which will be at your service as a cold wallet and FIDO key.

A universal second factor authentication physical device adds an extra layer of security to your social and mail accounts. If you're the one who concerned about your online accounts security then it is something that you should think of acquiring.

There are many devices available online which can be used as Google security key or other platforms U2F keys. But I suggest you look for an option that can be used for multiple purposes.

Therefore, I am introducing to you Trezor wallet.

Basically, hardware wallet like Trezor are meant to store cryptocurrencies. But few people know that these devices are U2F enabled which means they also work as security or FIDO keys.

If you already have Trezor hardware wallet then stick around I am going to show you a very good thing about your hardware wallet. If you don't own one then click on the below link to buy it from official Trezor wallet website.

So first of all let me talk about security key. If you are going to buy a security key for your google account then I am going to tell you that you should not spend $100 to buy a security key.

Instead, you should buy Trezor wallet which is a cheapest and securest hardware wallet available out there. It can be used to store bitcoins and altcoins and other cryptocurrencies, and at the same time, this device can also be used as Google U2F two factor authentication key.

If you would like to use it as FIDO two-factor authentication key then you don't need to do anything just go to your Google account and set it as your second factor authentication key.

In normal security keys what you do you spend a huge amount, as compared to this hardware wallet, just to securely login to an account. That security key cannot be used other way.

That security key's mere purpose is to use it as a security login key. But if you would invest in Trezor wallet then in returns you will get an option to use it as a security key and at the same time you can use it to store your cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, Litecoin, and the like.

Also, Trezor wallets have display too where you will get the notifications whenever you will be going to authenticate an account.

But what would you get if you would invest in a security ke? You would be investing in a security key and in return you will get only one option that it can only be used as a security key.

I personally suggest you buy a Trezor wallet to use it as a security key because in future if you would invest in cryptocurrencies then you can also use it as a hardware wallet.

So this was my suggestion. In the next part of the video, I am going to show you how you can use your Trezor One as a security key.

How to setup Google security key

Here the steps to configure Google Security key:

  • To use your Trezor One or other security key as Google FIDO security key, just go to Google account security section and click on 'Two Factor Verification'.
  • You will be prompted to enter your login password for verification then scroll down and select security key.
  • Click on Security Key. Make sure you connect your Trezor wallet or security key to your laptop or computer and then click on add security key.
  • Now select a physical device and then click on Next.
  • Press OK.
  • Google will ask you to confirm security key request from your security. Just press register button from your Trezor wallet.
  • From Google account page, give a name to your Google FIDO key so your remember it.
  • Click on next. That is it! You can see Trezor wallet is added to your Google account as a security key. Next time if you would login to your account then you would be asked to connect your wallet and press confirm login using my Trezor wallet.

Same thing you do using your security key but as I showed you a hardware wallet can also be used as a security key.